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ABS Heavy Duty Process Centrifugal Pump

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Product Description:

ABS Process Centrifugal Pump is reliable and provides unmatched performance, it conforms to ISO 2858 and ISO 5199 criterion. ABS Process Centrifugal pump is ruggedly designed and offers a big operational and maintenance enhancing edges that facilitate the users to minimise the full value of pump possession.

✔ Standards Compliance

CE marked and compliant with applicable directives such as ATEX and is available with GOST certification

Features and Advantages

• Heavy-duty Casing with integral foot and multi-ribbed discharge projection provides superior resistance to pipe hundreds and improves dependableness.

• Preciseness forged Reverse Vane vane is that the solely vane style that provides repeatable pump performance throughout the lifetime of the pump. Open impellers on the market.

• SealSentry Seal Chamber extends seal life and provides advanced self-flushing capability.

• customary Non-contacting Labyrinth Seals keep material in and contaminants out.

• Heavy-duty Radial and Thrust Bearings selected for long life and dependableness.

• External Micrometer vane Adjustment Mechanism accurately sets vane clearance in twenty seconds, within the look or the sector.

• Two-piece, Ductile Iron Bearing Housing is intended for safety, strength, fungibility and retrofit capability.

• Back Pull-out style permits removal of rotating component while not removing casing, piping or motor.

Product Specification:

Application:  Transfer

Discharge (Inch): 0.75 in to 8 in

Discharge (mm): 20 mm to 200 mm

Fuel: Electric

Max. Flow (m³/hr): 1400 m³/hr

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