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Allen Gwynnes Chemical Pumps - AGC Series

Allen Gwynnes Pumps Sdn. Bhd.
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✔ Application: 
 • Petrochmical
• Aside
• Alkali Production
• Automobile
• Insecticides
• Dye
• Pharmacy
• Paper making
• Electroplating
• Electronics 

✔ Features: 
 • No shaft seal in pump

• Drive with magnetic coupling
• No leakage trouble to worry
• No containment

✔ Material: 
 • Fluoroplastic alloy

• The pump body casing is made of metal material
• Pump can work continuously without any damage corrosive material such as acids, alkali, strong oxidizer

✔ High Capacity: 
 • The driving device is an active magnet coupling

• Attached directly to the motor shaft
• Pump cavity is totally closed
• Shaft is driven rotate by the magnetic coupling
• The impeller with magnets on pump shaft driven to rotate by the magnetic coupling
• The structure is compact, safe and save energy
• This structure makes the pump body strong enough to withstand the weight of piping and mechanical impact

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