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Inoxpa Rotary Lobe Pump - SLR Series

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The SLR pump is a positive displacement rotary lobe pump with sanitary design suitable for use in the dairy, food-processing, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industries.This pump is perfect for managing all kinds of fluid, of either low or high viscosity, as well as for filtering and bottling applications. Products containing fragile solids such as curd can be pumped without damage thanks to the specially designed lobes.

Design and features: 
The SLR pump is a bare shaft rotary lobe pump. It is made of a cast stainless steel pump casing and cover, and tri-lobe rotors with sanitary attachment.The SLR rotary lobe pump is provided with an external single mechanical seal,C/SiC/EPDM. The seal is balanced and has a hygienic design. When required, other materials can be used.The pump is authorized to carry 3-A symbol.Note: Consult the options of the pumps authorized to carry 3-A symbol.

Technical specifications:
✔ Materials:
 Parts in contact with the product: AISI 316L
• Bearing support: GG 25
• Gaskets in contact with the product: EPDM

✔ Mechanical seal:
• Rotary part: Silicon carbide (SiC)
• Stationary part: Carbon (C)
• Gasket: EPDM

✔ Surface finish:
• Internal: Ra<0,8 μm
• External: Matt

• Connections: DIN 11851

✔ Operating limits:
• Maximum flow: (160 m³/h) (705 US GPM)
• Maximum differential pressure: (12 bar) (174 PSI)
• Maximum working pressure: (16 bar) (232 PSI)
• Temperature range (EPDM): (-10 ºC to +120 ºC), (14 ºF to 248 ºF)
• Temperature SIP, max. 30 min: (+140 ºC) (284 ºF)
• Maximum speed: (950 rpm)

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