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SANSO Magnet Pump - PMD 7533

Waterman Plastics Sdn. Bhd.
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• Circulation of sea water
• Culture tank and water tank
• Waste water treatment equipment
• Drain chemical liquid
• Aquarium equipment
• PCB equipment
• Solar heating system
• Filter
• Bubble bath
• Etching equipment
• Chillers

High performance and energy saving:
• Compared to the conventional products, the pump efficiency increased by 35%.This type became smaller, lighter, 5-dB quieter and 50% reduction in vibration.

Long-life and no liquid leakage:
• There is no liquid leakage due to no shaft seal part,As made of resin, this type is appropriate for transporting highly-corrosive special liquid.

Complete no liquid leakage:
•This type is seal-less pumps based on the magnet coupling system. The pump section will never have liquid leakage, corrosion, dirt around the pump and troublesome mechanical seal replacement.

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