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Stream Automatic Absorting Centrifugal Pump

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Product Description:

1. Chips are fixed. High-tech intelligence operation of water pumps is realized for 1st time.
2. Many protection measures are employed and they included water-lacking protection, dry-operation protection, frequent jump and time-delay protection, electric pump starting delay protection and electric pump brake protection. The pressure control system enters the status if protection, it automatically shifts to the flow control system to ensure normal water supply of the water pump.
3. Quiet and Dynamic 4. SJLM series is the auto cold water and hot water turbine self absorbing pump newly designed by the company

General Specifications
Double Control System: A Flow Switch and a Pressure Switch. When the flow is too low. SJLM can keep constant pressure and water flow in the system so that it eliminates the temperature fluctuations.
Protection against dry running: SJLM stops after 8 min of dry
running operation.
Ignition Protection: When a plug is inserted, the pump will start working after 3 sec. In this case, a socket won't emit sparks
clogging: If the pump is not being used for a long time after every 72 hours, it will automatically go on for 10 sec to avoid jamming
Liquid temperature: Up to 100°C
Casting with electrophoresis.
Brass Impeller.
Stainless Steel shaft.
Stator made of cold rolled steel.
Stainless Steel gasket for pump body.

Product Specification:

- Living water taking
- Water taking from bottom of wells
- Pressuring of tap water
- Pressuring of hot water pipes and watering for gardening and vegetables

● Power Phase: Single Phase

● Pump Power: 1.1kW


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