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Product Description:

WQ series submersible pumps are suitable for handling dirty water, sewage, refluent water, water mixed mud, liquids containing air or gas, as well as treated and putrid mud. WQ pumps are particularly suitable for installing sewers galleries, excavations sites, wells, channels underground car parks, etc. The pumps are fitted with a liquid vortex open impeller situated in a large circular ring chamber, enclosed between the pump, body and the bas plate, this base plate prevents solid particles exceeding 20mm from entering the pump. The rotation of the impeller generates a liquid vortex within the pump body and it is this cortex that draw liquid into the pump. Providing it with kinetic energy, and directing it out of the delivery opening.

Working Conditions:

● Medium Temperature: 4~40ºC

● The diving depth should be less than: 5m

✔ Applications:

● Waste water drainage in factories and industries.

● Drainage system for municipal sewage plant.

● Waste water drainage in residential area.

● Municipal facilities and construction area

● Exploration and mining equipments

● Pump for biomass pool and agriculture irrigation

Product Specification:

● Performance Curves

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● Technical parameter list

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