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Submitted by Phil Teh on Thursday, Nov 28, 2019

Stay away from this Tsunami pump

Overall Rating

Stay away from this Tsunami pump, an OEM from a mess production from China.
You can find another cheaper brand(s) that look exactly the same as Tsunami pump whether it's submersible or a booster pump.
The point is I have been using this pump for a number of year.
The after-sales service has gone from bad to worst.
was quoted so many things to change and quoted high prices close to a new purchase price. I'd rather buy the new ones which I did so.
So why bother to repair since the a new unit is not far from the repair cost after all. then they would tell each pump check if decide not to repair is RM30. And a total of RM90 just to get back my old pumps 1 of them is working still!
This forced me to have no choice but to leave my 3 pumps behind.
this is the kind of treatment I got after they have slided into such a level akin to a scam!
So beware and stay away.

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