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DA SHIN Rotary Vacuum Pump - RV Series

KSK Engineering & System Sdn. Bhd.
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Product Description:

The Leading expert in oil-less vane pump technology new-quieter operation and longer service life.

Main Features: 

  • Special Carbon Graphite Propeller can automatically turn around, even without supply of oil, therefore, loss due to friction is very low and can stand for long hours operation.

  • Direct connection between pump and motor assembly makes the machine compact and easy to install.

  • High speed propulsion, makes machine operation sommther so that in whatever applications, such as air draft or drain, there is absolutely no fear of oil pollution.

  • DS oil less pump is very easy to repair and maintain so that save a lot of maintenance labors and cost.

  • Applications: suited for various automation machinery, such as electronic, packing, printing, circuit board paper processing, and paper processing, and paper money counter.

  • FEATURES: The Pump is appling the oil skin to seal the leak, lubricating and compress the air by rotary blades, large discharge capacity, low noise and vibration, top vacuum. 

  • APPLICATIONS: Suitable for chemical drug manufacturing, plastic, electronic, electric wares, conveying etc., distilling, drying deaerating, shrinkage, impregnation, forming and packaging etc.

Product Specification:

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