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Product Description:

✔ Pump Series
Special design for easy repair and quick change of spare parts without any special tool.
PTFE guide sleeve and PVDF impeller with abrasion resistant and to make Shaft running more
stable. Shaft bushing is made of Rulon for best chemical resistance. PPHT, PVDF, SUS316 tube available with drive shaft made of SUS316 or Hastelloy. It's the best choice for transferring chemical fluid.

✔ Industry Served
Electronic, Optoelectronics, Semi-conductor, Waste Water, Chemical Industry, Petrochemical, Laboratory, Food Industry, Cosmetic Biochemistry, Paper making industry, Painting industry, Pharmaceutical, Ship industry, Automotive and other Industries.

✔ Applications

Container Type
5GAL Bottle
HD-Material 700
700mm (27")
55GAL Drums (200L)
HD-Material 1000
1000mm (39")
Barrels & Tanks
HD-Material 1200
1200mm (47")
HD-Material 1500
1500mm (60")
Large Storage Vessels
HD-Material 1800
1800mm (72")

✔ Common Applications

Max. Temp.
Common Applications



Acetic Acid
• Sulfuric Acid
• Hydrochloric - 20%
• Nitric Acid -20%
• Alkalies
• Ferric Chloride


• Concentrated Nitric Acid
• Sulfuric Acid-66 Baume
• Sodium Hypochlorite
• Propionic Acid
• Stearic Acid
• Hydrofluoric Acid



• Alcohol
• Gasoline
• Aqueous Ammonia
• Isopropyl Ether
• Solvents
• Petroleum Products

✔ HD-HV High viscosity series

● HD-SS700-HV Size: 700mm(27") 5 GAL. Bottles
● HD-SS1000-HV. 1000mm(39") 55 GAL.(200L) Drum
Max: Temp.: 120ºC/248ºF
Outlet Dimension: 27.5mm / 33mm
Pump: SUS316
Rotor: SUS316
Max. Viscosity: 100.000cps
Mechnical Seal: SIC
O-ring: PTFE
Max. Flow Rate: 90L/min (Tested with 2000cps epoxy and HD-A6 air motor)
Max. Pressure: 10bar
Weight: 12kg

Product Specification:

● Model: HD-AI

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● Model: HD-2

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● Model: HD-E1-V,HD-E2-V

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● Model:HD-H

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