Ebara Vertical Multi-stage Stainless Steel Pump - EVMS

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Product Description:



● Water treatment

- reverse osmosis

- ultra-filtration

- water purification

- micro-filtration

- softening ionizing and demineralising systems

- swimming pools separators

 Boiler feeding

- steam systems

- condensate systems


● Pressure boosting

- pressure boosting for buildings

- pressure boosting for high rise buildings/hotels

● Sprinkler systems

 Fire fighting systems

- jockey pump

● District heating

 Heat exchangers / fan heaters

 Air conditioning systems

 Heating systems

 Wash and clean

- vehicle washing systems

- industrial part washing

- laundry systems

- supply of liquids with acids and bases

- supply of chemical liquids


- handling of refrigerants for cooling

- thermal control systems

- industrial cooling

- laser cooling


● Water treatment

- water treatment plants filtration,

- water treatment plants transfer

● Pressure boosting

- transfer from water treatment plants (mains)


- golf course / sport fields irrigation


- sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation

 Machine tooling

- cooling lubricant supply for tooling machines

●  Pressure boosting

- pressure boosting for industrial use

● Food & beveage

- food washing systems

- bottle wash systems

● Pharmaceutical industries

 Marine applications

- freshwater, deckwash, high fog and fire fighting on ships

Product Specification:


✔ Innovative hydraulic solutions - Any motor, Anywhere

Commercial motors - can be fitted to all of the pump models without any modifications thanks to low pump axial thrust load.

● Long life of the motor bearing

● High pump efficiency - classified in MEI > 0.7 as the most efficient models

● Patent Application n.VI2014A000271

✔ Energy saving

 High efficiency IE3 motor starting from 0.75 kW complied with the EuP 2005/32/EC and ErP 2009/125/EC directives

 The VFD (Variable frequency drive) and the commercial sensor can be directly mounted on EVMS to maintain physical constant operations such as pumping pressure depending on the conditions of use

✔ Piping connection options

The various pipe connections are available depending on the application requirements

 The external dimensions can be adjusted to the replacement of the existing pump in the wide majority

✔ Shaft seal solutions

 Shaft seal material:

- B : Resin impregnated carbon graphite

- Q : Sintered silicon carbide

- Qg: Silicon carbide with carbon graphite Carbon or graphite inclusions with silicon carbide can be used as dry lubricant to reduce friction

It’s conforming to EN12756 (ex DIN 24960)

✔ Easy maintenance

The cartridge shaft seal enables the plug in replacement of the shaft seal without disassembling the motor bracket

The spacer coupling allows easy maintenance without having to remove heavy motors over 5.5 kW.

✔ Smart plug solutions

Air ventilation plug

- Water filling & sensor plug

- Commercial sensor fitting

- Measurements for suction and discharge pressure / drain

✔ Solve axial thrust load

The pump axial thrust load is caused by the unbalance of the static pressure between a front shroud and a back shroud of an impeller. That always causes the reduction of the bearing life of the motor.

General methods to work with the axial thrust load are as below.

Increasing the size of motor bearing or using enhanced motor bearings.

Mounting additional ball bearings on the pump bracket. These measurements are historically known to cause complicated mechanical structures.

EBARA new designed impeller “Shurricane” can reduce the pump axial thrust load with high pump efficiency by means of the innovative hydraulic design method.

EVMS can accept the commercial motors without any modifications and improve the maintenance cycles of motor bearing.

In short, EVMS pump can use “Any motor, Anywhere.”


✔ Motor

Power Source

Frequency: 50 Hz

- Phase: Single Phase / Three Phase

- Rotation Speed: ~ 2900 min-1

- Power Rating

: 0.37 ÷ 2.2 kW /  0.37 ÷ 18.5 kW

: 0.5 ÷ 3.0 HP /  0.5 ÷ 25 HP

- Voltage

230 ± 10%  / 230/400 ± 10% (up to 4kW) 400/690 ± 10% (above 5.5 kW)


- Type: Electric - TEFC

- Efficiency Level: from 0.37 to 2.2 kW / from 0.37 to 0.55 kW IE3 from 0.75 to 18.5 kW

No° of poles: 2

- Protection Degree: IP 55

- Insulation Class: F (temperature rise class B)


- Thermal Protection: PTC is available for the above 1.5 kW

- Casing Material: Aluminium

- Flange Mount (IEC motor) 

IM B14 (up to 4 kW)

IM B5 (above 5.5 kW)

Product Performance Curve:

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