Grundfos Dry-Installed Wastewater Submersible Pumps - SE, SL Series

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Product Description:
The renewed and expanded range of Grundfos SE and SL wastewater pumps continue the tried and tested SE and SL story, providing technologically advanced pumps for wastewater pumping.

Designed for demanding situations, the Grundfos SE and SL pumps show our no compromise approach to innovative technologies and functionality, ensuring optimised performance and pumps with the highest wire-to-water efficiency yet. The SL range is for submerged installation and theSE range for dry and submerged installation.

New state-of-the-art hydraulicsThe very nature of wastewater is challenging, with dry solids content varying overtime. Similarly, water use has not remained static either. However, the demands on the wastewater pump remain the same:In addition to being as efficient as possible, it must also pump media containing large solids, rags and fibres without clogging the pump.The SE and SL ranges are available with the S-tube impeller – the only impeller on the market designed to take on these challenges. The simple and robust design of theS-tube impeller meets the requirements of today’s wastewater with varying solids content, offering world class hydraulic efficiency without compromising free passage.

What these pumps can do for you:
Shared between the SE and SL wastewater pumps are a range of features offering functionality that meets your needs. Installation, operation and maintenance of your SE or SL pump aremade easy and user-friendly. Also available in stainless steel versions, the SE and SL ranges ofpumps can be tailored to your requirements.

IE3 motor
The highest standards of motor efficiency ensure substantial energy and cost savings.

 Intelligent adaptive controls 
AUTO ADAPT builds intelligent monitoring and controls into the pump system, ensuring tangible benefits during the operational cycle. Installation and commissioning costs are reduced substantially, pump reliability is increased, and operation is with low energy consumption.

Integrated analogue sensors
In addition to the standard thermal sensors in motor windings, many analogue sensor options and a digital leakage sensor offer complete monitoring of pump condition, offering you the advantage of continual surveillance, warnings and alarms.

Lifting handle
The lifting handle is designed for optimum point-of-balance, ensures correct lifting and will protect the auto-coupling sealing.

Smooth, easy to clean surface
The extremely robust impact-resistant surface is smooth and easily cleaned.

One cable to the pump
With just one cable containing sensors and power supply, an important at-risk area is removed, simplifying pump installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Easy-to-remove cable entry 
The innovative and patented stainless steel cable entry ensures that liquid cannot penetrate through the cable inlet into the motor and is easy to dismantle in case of service.

Patented Smart Seal 
The patented Grundfos SmartSeal auto-coupling gasket provides a completely leakproof connection between the pump and the base unit of the auto-coupling system.

Easy to open clamp (up to 11 kW)
The stainless steel clamp assembly system requires no tools for the quick and easy disassembly of pump from motor unit, offers easy access for pump maintenance.The bolts used on larger pumps are easy to remove and do not require special tools.

Double mechanical shaft seal
Primary and secondary seal in one cartridge unit providing longer seal lifetime and easy fail-proof replacement - even in the field. Replacement can be done without special tools.

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