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Seko Hydraulic Double Diaphragm Metering Pumps - Nexa TN Series

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Product Description:
Nexa Series

Hydraulic Double Diaphragm Metering pumps A line hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps designed according to the API675 Standards, It includes three sub series: YN, TN and HN.

NEXA series hydraulic diaphragm dosing pumps are designed in compliance with API 675 Standards; the conformity to the API Standards implies a "heavy duty" design, high safety and severe controls of the performances during the tests. The broad variety of heads execution offers a wide selection of dosing pumps to cover practically any application needs. In addition the fu ll compliance with the ATEX European Directive gives the possibility to install these pumps in classified areas too.

Main characteristics:
• Low noise integral gearbox, worm type, oil bath lubricated
• Reduced energy consumption based on low friction rolling bearings design
• Micrometric stroke length adjustment both manually and/or automatically actuated.
• Automatic stroke length variation by electrical servomotor or frequency converter
• Linearity and repeatability in compliance with API 675 Standards.
• Easy "on field" installation of electrical servomotor on manual stroke adjustment mechanism.
• can be equipped with explosive-proof motor and frequency conversion motor.
• YN, TN, HN: Hydraulic double diaphragm heads
• The ideal solution for applications requiring high levels of operational safety .and reliability
• Zero leakage; can dose toxic, corrosive and other hazardous liquids, for which the absence of leaks is fundamental
• Double diaphragm, double protection; if one of the two diaphragms is damaged, the protection system immediately signals the anomaly; the pump is nevertheless permitted to continue to operate, thereby preventing immediate downtime
• Flexibility of use; the PTFE diaphragms are compatible with a vast assortment of liquids
• Solid suspensions; the diaphragm's proper positioning is ensured by a mechanical system which does not require the use of perforated shields on the process side, thereby allowing for liquids contain ing solid suspensions to be pumped.
• Construction materials; the parts in the standard configuration that make contact with the liquid are made from A lSI 316L stainless steel, PP and PVDF.
• High Pressure up to 120 bar

• Model: N0
• Liquid End Material: SS316L
• Plunger Diameter: up to 20
• Stroke Length: 10
• Max. Speed: 93 Strokes/min
• Min. Speed: 70 Strokes/min
• Max. Flow Rate (L/h): 11.7

• Model: N1
• Liquid End Material: SS316L
• Plunger Diameter: up to 30
• Stroke Length: 25
• Max. Speed: 117 Strokes/min
• Min. Speed: 99 Strokes/min
• Max. Flow Rate (L/h): 26.5

• Model: N2
• Liquid End Material: SS316L
• Plunger Diameter: up to 35
 Stroke Length: 35
• Max. Speed: 117 Strokes/min
• Min. Speed: 93 Strokes/min
• Max. Flow Rate (L/h): 202


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